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Other products
Planet System--home automation system
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Planet System--home automation system

Planet System-- home automation system


It is Power Line Advanced Network, which is innovative home automation system through power line, that can control not only lights but also home electronics with low cost and easy installation.

It is advanced technology named two-way Z256 communication protocol. Power line signal transmission technology unified with two-way Z256 protocol can remote control or check maximum 65,000 units of lights and home electronics by 64 commands. Also AGC and PLL technologies are used in the system which make it stable and improve quality.


  • Do not need to install new power line.
  • Control and check all PLANET application's on/off statuses anywhere in your home.
  • Control and check by telephone when you are out.
  • Control 64 units in one house, 1,024 houses in one are (Apt, or building).
  • Easy to change and extend by plug/play installation.
  • Reserved control by personal computer is possible.
  • Hacking protect protocol inside.

System components

  • Wall switch module
  • Receptacle module
  • Universal remote controller
  • Signal generator for universal remote controller
  • Telephone control module
  • Computer control module

Planet System

1. Consumer Electronics

Planet System is in the process of bringing products to the consumer electronics market that make use the propritary Z-256 technology. Z-256 is a technology consisting of an encrypted communication protocol, devices that communicate with consumer electronic products enabling appliances such as TVs, VCRs, lighting devices and almost any other appliances that make use of these Ics to communicate with Z-256 enabled devices (which include the appliances themselves).

Z-256 enabled devices and appliances communicate with each other using power lines and wireless signals,, making it ideal for home automation products. Planet System Z-256, with final production samples scheduled to be released soon.

Communication technology which utilize the power lines already exist, X-10 being the first widely adopted technology. However, Z-256 provides many advantages compared to X-10. The following table illustrates this fact.




Power Line Sensitivity

2 times of X-10


Data Flow


One way-directional

Price Competitiveness

Very High (cheap)

Average (moderate)

Total Addressable Devices

65000 devices

256 devices

With the development of an evolutionary protocol capable of enabling virtually any home appliance or electrical device to communicate with each other, Planet System has been applying this technology to various product ideas.

Home Automation Products

  • Intelligent Socket Unit (ISU)

Plugged into any ordinary wall plug, this socket unit can communicate with other Z-256 enabled devices such as Planet System?s intelligent Switch (IS) or Z-256 Module Chip embedded appliances through existing power lines. This unit is also capable of communicating with a remote-control unit, allowing appliances plugged into the ISU to be turned on and off through the unit. The ISU can also transmit status feedback to the remote unit, allowing anyone using a Z-256 enabled remote control unit to verify the status of an ISU.

All Z-256 enabled devices can communicate with each other, thus, the ISU can act as a conduit relaying command and status information to and from other ISUs, Ises, and Z-256 enabled appliances and devices.

  • Intelligent Switch (IS)

Replacing standard switches insides houses that control the lights and level of illumination, Intelligent Switches can control other Z-256 enabled devices without any additional cabling work.

Ises can receive and display status feedback messages on its screen, allowing anyone operating the switch to monitor other connected Z-256 devices. Ises can inter-operate with ISUs and all Z-256 IC embedded appliances.

  • Remote Control Unit (RCU)

Planet System has been developing a universal remote control unit that can control and monitor all Z-256 enabled devices and appliances within its effective range. The RCU is capable of adapting to newly added appliances and devices that are Z-256 enabled. The core logic circuitry is upgrade-able via an external communications port (proprietary specifications with patents pending).

All feedback messages from ISUs, Ises, and Z-256 enabled devices can be observed on the RCU?s display screen.

A unique and easy way to control the devices and appliances has been devised by Planet System, dubbed ?Rotary Sync?, which employs a rotating control ?ring? similar to those found on VCRs, allowing anyone to operate various functions of the RCU and all connected Z-256 enabled devices with very easy and simple actions (all related patents are pending).

With the essential components already in place, it is possible to devise RCUs that have distinct designs, allowing it to be targeted at any group of consumers. Consumers who value a radical design may purchase an RCU with a youth oriented outer casing. People who have conservative tastes can equally buy RCUs that are encased in a casing catered to such consumers.

  • Z-256 Module Chip

ny electronic appliance or device can be embedded with the Z-256 Module Chips, enabling Z-256 compatibility without major changes to existing hardware designs. Tvs, radios, VCRs, and any consumer electronic appliances can be controlled and monitored by Planet System?s ISUs, Ises, and RCUs almost instantly.

Supplied either as HICs or ASICs, these chips are tamper proof, and impossible to reverse-engineer, therefore can yield high profits for any licensed manufacturer.

  • Video Products

With its core technologies in place, Planet System has been applying its Z-256 technology in home video products, combining traditional Tvs with various home consumer appliances and other devices.

Video-interphone Connected Tvs

By combining PIP( picture-in picture) features of a TV, in which separate screens can be simultaneously displayed on a TV screen, with Z-256 technology, it is possible to create TV units that are connected to video-interphone units on entrance doors.

If a person pushes the door bell, the video-Interphone unit will turn on the Z-256 enabled TV (if it has been off) and transmit the video smaller PIP screen (if the TV has been on), allowing the tenants of the house to observe the visitor without having to go to the door.

  • House Appliance Control and Monitor TVs

Through the application of Planet System's Intelligent Socket Units (ISUs), intelligent Switches (ISes), and Z-256 Module Chips, it is possible to connect, various appliances inside the house such as lighting, kitchen utensils, and other devices without any additional cabling work to connect these devices.

A Z-256 enabled TV can display the status of such connected devices, and control them using only the TV?s remote control unit. Any changes to the status of the connected devices can be monitored instantly on the TV screen

2. Lighting

Planet System has been developing lighting products which are intended to replace existing products while introducing revolutionary features. These products will also bring ownership costs down, allowing higher penetration into even traditionally small, special illumination markets.

These products are all based on Planet System's Z-256 technology.

  • Intelligent Building System- Light Control

Using Planet System's proprietary power line communication technology, Z-256 it is possible to add an easily installable lighting control system into buildings without having to add additional cables. Existing lamps and luminaries can be retrofitted to be compatible with Z-256 instantly. A personal computer can be connected into the power lines to communicate with the Z-256 enabled lighting devices, allowing centralized control for every device.

  • Moving Yoke System

Existing stage lighting devices require professional operstors who constantly monitor and control the direction and focus of the lighting, mostly done manually. Using Planet System?s proprietary Z-256 technology, it is possible to embed existing stage lighting with Z-256 Module Chips, allowing it to communicate with other Z-256 enabled devices.

There are stage lighting products that emply moving yokes controlled remotely. However, these are very expensive, thus, aren't used extensively in most production stages. Planet System?s Moving Yoke System requires virtually no modifications to existing stage lighting systems.

Any Existing stage lighting composed of a dimmer and spotlights can be modified to allow a personal computer or remote control unit to centrally control the direction, brightness, and focus of the spotlights accurately and instantly using the Z-256 technology.

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