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Other products
Ginseng Beverages
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Ginseng Beverages

Ginseng Beverages

Ginseng Beverages


Ginseng Nectar


It is a high quality juice made from finely ground raw ginseng roots. It contains various vitamins and natural honey to sweeten the slightly bitter, but natural taste of the ginseng. It also serves as a pleasant substitute for cocktail drinks.



It is made with ginseng extracts, vacuum-extracted at a very low temperature. It is a health beverage enriched with vitamins and honey. Rejuvenate yourself with Ginseng-D after a long travel or before-or-after exercise.


Ginseng Up


Ginseng Up is a worldwide popular ginseng drink that delivers the true power and spirit of ginseng. It contains 18 nutrients including various vitamins, essential amino acids, and honey as well as enriched ginseng extracts.

Ginseng Up is now being exported and widely accepted all over the world.

It is more refreshing with carbonic acid!

As Ginseng Up contains no preservatives, caffeine, or artificial flavors, everyone can enjoy it with confidence.


Ginseng Gold


A ginseng-deer antler drink-Ginseng Gold.

Ginseng Gold is a health drink harmonized with 60mg of deer antler, honey, ginseng, Chinese matrimony vines and vitamin C.

You can fully enjoy its rich taste.

Enjoy the fresh taste, fill your body with superfluous nutrients.

It is Ginseng Gold energy.

Drink antler! Drink energetic power!

Regain vitality with Ginseng Gold

Ginseng F


A totally new kind of dietary fiber drink-Ginseng F

Packed with ginseng and dietary fiber that people tend to lack, Ginseng F is a convenient drink.

Ginseng F is recommended for those who have sacrificed health, beauty, and regular meals because of busy lifestyles.

Ginseng F reinforced with ginseng extracts and dietary fibers-known for the sixth nutrient.


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