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It is not a medicine nor food. It is a capsule type nutrition that made with all natural substances. The major component of the product, charcoal absolves all the harmful and poisonous substances in a human body.

For the milleniums, People expand its range to space, make the digital world and decode the mysteries of human genes; however, in other side, the Earth is polluted and people swallow all the pollution. For example, you are eating a strawberry. It is very delightful looking, vivid red color and delicious also, but it is polluted. Probably, about a hundred year ago, strawberry wasn’t looking as good as today’s, but any toxic chemicals weren’t sprayed . Today, fruit, vegetable and all foods are unsafe. You have to wash, wash and wash! But you must still beware! It doesn’t and can’t go off perfectly. If you cannot remove the toxin before go into the body, the body must clean it up.

Liver is the organ that neutralizes the harmful and poisonous substances. If any toxin is into the body, all the substances are carried to liver and liver starts to do it’s job; however, the liver has its limit and if the capacity is exceeded, the rest of harmful substances are moved to all other body parts without purification.

In other words, if you continuously eat toxin or drink alcohol for 30-40 years, eventually the liver will stop its function, and you will be exposure to disease or cancel in the worst case.

A medicine is a chemical as well. It heals your body, but it will be piled up which will call other problems in your body. C12 is made to absorb chemicals; therefore you should not use the product while you are on medical treatment, but after all, it will help you remedy and remove the chemicals.

It is the product that found the origin of all disease and potentially removes them. We basically divided the product into eight, and each is made to remedy for different disease.

C12-202 -- Remedy-aid for alcoholism and liver cancer

It effetely remedies the liver by absorbing harmful chemical. This product is the best for healthy liver, because it removes 80 to 99% of poison and recovers the liver. As you know, harmed liver cells cannot be replaced, but it will strengthen the recovery function of liver definitely.

C12-303 --Remedy-aid for Lung Cancer

C12-404 -- Remedy-aid for mental diseases

C12-505 -- Remedy-aid for intestines diseases

Remedy-aid for stomach troubles

C12-606 -- Remedy-aid for woman’s diseases

C12-707 -- Remedy-aid for diabetes

C12-808 -- Remedy-aid for medicinal poisoning

Remedy-aid for poisoning from snake biting, bee sting, mushroom poison and others

C12-090 -- Remedy-aid for obesity

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