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Other products
Copper Capillary Tube
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Copper Capillary Tube

Copper Capillary Tube


  • Copper capillary tubes--Copper capillary tubes are being used as the refrigerant flow restrictors in the refrigeration cycle of the air-conditioners, electric refrigerators, show cases, and etc.

  • ACR copper Tubes--These copper tubes are applicable for air-conditioners, refrigerators, chillers, show case, car air-conditioners, car heaters, gas appliances, and etc.

Coil type products

  • Level wound coil
  • Small level wound coil
  • Bunch coil

Straight type products

  • Cut-End
  • Punch Sealed Ends
  • Beaded Ends
  • Expanded Ends
  • Cap Sealed Ends

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