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Other products
LED display board--Electric light signboard
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LED display board--Electric light signboard

LED display board--Electric light signboard


Unlike the ordinary memory signboard, phone line or private line signboard, this electric light signboard uses the signal of beeper to display on LED monitor. This new type of system cannot display huge images or pictures on the board, but it can show the changing of news or ed. continuously on the LED.


  • Competitive price-- only pay for the beeping
  • Easy to use--beeping the words that you want to put on board from the far sight. Anyone can use unlike other display boards that need a system operator.
  • Use Z-80Micro Processor
  • Back-up batteries


  • Bank--Display the currency or interest rates
  • Street--For news or advertising effect
  • Office--When supervisors are sending massage to officers from far-sight
  • And any places where needs visualize the news to people


SC-16 (1300 x 340 x 60)

SC-16W (1300 x 600 x 60)

SC-20 (1600 x 340 x 60)

SC-20W (1600 x 600 x 60)

SC-24 (1810 x 340 x 60)

SC-24W (1800 x 600 x 60)


Korean, English


AC 110/220

Power output


Input Method

ROM Pack/Keyboard, beeping signal

Max words input

2000 words or more

Power consumption



Words move up, down, left, right, spray, splay etc. (70 abilities)


  1. cordless information system
  2. PC for managing
  3. PC for developing
  4. Changing ROM
  5. Cordless receiving system

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