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Other products
Yap-- Public cellular phone charger
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Yap- Public cellular phone charger
We recently produced a new modern technology product, called Yap- the charger. It is a charger for cellular phones, but it is not the ordinary charger you think of. It will be used like a banding machine or public phone. You can set the machine up on any public places and people will use and charge their cellular phones easily.

We are the market pioneer and world's leading company of this system. According to the survey in Korea, 85% of 14,000 people answered that it is very essential to set up the charger like this in public areas such as a bar, hotel, inn, and restaurant. It will be especially required for people who travel for long time or periodically. As you know Korea and Finland the one of the largest market for mobile communication technologies, so you can trust on the survey! And a similar system is already on the market and successfully loaded in Korea.

Yap is consisted of two parts, the main box and the sub boxes. The Main box looks very similar with a public phone, so people insert a coin and put 4-digit pin number for the maximum security. In a sub box, the user can put his or her cellular phone; however, in a main box, you can set up as many as 16 sub boxes in a low. It will give you an advantage that more models and more people can use the machine in a time.

To quench your concern, I am telling you that, usually, one sub box can handle most of models if cellular phones are manufactured by same producer. It also is very flexible and easy to upgrade; when new cellular phone models are introduced, it will not be painful at all.

  • Fast charge- at least twice faster than regular home chargers?10 to 30 min for 100% charge
  • With a main box, 28 sub boxes can be connected
  • Flexibility-any models can be used
  • Very small and elegant design ( width: 650mm, length: 137mm, height:305mm)
  • With four-digit pin number, it is impossible to be stolen or lose
  • Easy to use- LCD and voice from the machine will tell users the usage, step by step
  • Easy to upgrade
Barbershop or beauty shop, hospital, club, bar, hotel, inn, subway station, train station, in train, sports center, public organization, any buildings and public places.

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