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  1. Power transformers
  2. Pole mount transformers
  3. C.S.P. type transformers
  4. Distribution transformers
  5. Pad mount transformers
  6. Dry type transformers
  7. Surge cutout transformers
  8. Noise cutout transformers
  9. Core & air core reactors


Products (specification)

  • Single phase pole mount transformer

Single bushing type

CSP type

6.6KV single phase transformer

6.6KV three phase transformer

22,9KV single phase transformer

22.9KV three phase transformer

  • Distribution Transformer

6.6/3.3KV Class

22.9KV Class (Cover Bushing type)

22.9KV Class (Cable Box Type)

  • Power Transformer

  • Pad mounted transformer
  • Dry type and Special type transformer
  • Surge cutout transformer

  • Transformer standard accessories

Bushing, Solid type bushing, Condenser type bushing, Oil level indicator, Oil thermometer, Dehydrating breather, Buchholz relay, Radiator valve, Radiator, Pressure relief device

  • Pad mounted transformer accessories

Bushing well, Loadbreak bushing insert, Loadbreak elbow connector, Insulated standoff bushing, tape shield adapter, Nsulated protective cap, Bay-O-Net fuse holder, Elsp current-limiting backup fuse, Dual sensing Bay-O-Net fuse link, Tap changer, Load break switch, Oil level indicator, Thermometer, Pressure Relief Valve, L.V bushing.


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